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April 04, 2013

ColorKiss® is a patented single-use lipstick/lip gloss developed with today’s woman and today’s industry/ fashion trends in mind. ColorKiss® is an ultra-portable, integrated cosmetic applicator designed to deliver a perfect lip color application anywhere…anytime. Use of the product is quick, easy, and hygienic. With ColorKiss®, each lipstick or lip gloss application is fresh, offering new levels of convenience and portability to the female consumer’s most-used beauty category.

Because ColorKiss® is sealed, tamper evident and hygienic, this innovative technology eliminates the messiness, unsightliness and re-contamination associated with current lip applicators (such as tubes, wands or pots) and is perfect for at-counter sampling. As a cosmetic, ColorKiss® offers obvious benefits, the larger opportunity may lie in the lifestyle aspects of the product’s appeal. It is the ultimate anywhere/anytime lip color in an interesting and fun beauty treat for today’s woman-on-the-go.