Cosmetic Sampling


Cosmetic Applicators


April 04, 2013

iApply® is a patented, single-use applicator developed for color cosmetics and treatment products. It’s available as a handout piece or as a tipped-on, removable applicator. iApply® is the perfect eyeshadow or blush sampler for a broad range of market uses for mailing and at-counter sampling.

iApply® contains a single dose of unadulterated product which, with a squeeze to the middle, transforms from its flat oval shape into a 3-D applicator. It’s easy-to-use application method is fast, easy and intuitive. The product can be applied with brush-like strokes directly to the eyes or cheeks.

iApply® is offered in a range of formats and with various packaging options that provide a variety of opportunities for major cosmetic brands to promote their products. It’s sealed, tamper evident and hygienic, and is resistant to high pressure and temperatures.