Fragrance Sampling

TruEssence® Scented Strips

Fragrance Sampling


April 04, 2013

Classic yet fresh, microencapsulated scent strips continue to drive fragrance sales in an increasingly competitive marketplace. Innovative fine-fragrance marketers find novel ways to capitalize Orlandi’s TruEssence® technology while new industries are discovering and leveraging the power of scented advertising.

Scent strips remain the most affordable luxury sampler to reach large, highly targeted groups of perfume or cologne consumers. Our chemists custom-engineer each encapsulation to perfectly balance the notes of your fragrance, maximizing the fragrance impact of both traditional magazine advertisements and unique direct mail, or handout formats.

Consumers within the food/drink, candle, home care, and hotel industries have deep-rooted cognitive brand associations that instantly resurface when they engage with your fragrance. Recently, scientific research quantified what fine-fragrance executives already knew: adding scent strips to alluring print dramatically improves reader interaction with your advertisements, which can lead to increased sales.